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In India, there are more than 5,000 listed companies. However, majority of the institutions invest only in top 10% of the Companies (ie companies with market cap greater than USD 500 M and trading at approx PE of 18). On our bourses, there are 1500-2000 mid and small cap companies which are traded at rock bottom PEs due to lack of liquidity and market awareness. Moneybee expertise lies in finding these hidden gems!

Moneybee core lies on its Strong Fundamental Research. The Research Methodology followed is:
  • Idea generation: Out of the 5,000 listed companies, we shortlist 125-150 companies by the way of screening annual reports, recent announcements, attending conference calls and review of industry reports
  • Bottom-Up Research: This step includes detailed research in the Company and the industry by meeting the management of the Company, Company plant visit, Financial statement analysis, study of competition and competitors, reviewing past interviews, conference calls and investor presentations, and projecting financial for next 3 years.

  • Recommendation: This list of 125-150 companies id dynamic from which we recommend 8-10 stocks to our investors for diversified investment