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Why Portfolio Management with Moneybee?

We don't follow the investment crowd; instead we search for overlooked opportunities that the crowd has passed by.

In the short term the stock market is a voting machine, with a stocks price reflecting the stocks popularity with investors on any given day. In the long term, however, the market is more of a weighing machine, aligning a stock's price with its intrinsic value or the true worth of the underlying business.

For value investors this means that a stock's price and its intrinsic value often detach from one another in the short term. Because of the maniac depressive nature of the overall market – where sentiments can shift between sweeping, carefree optimism and overwhelming fear and uncertainty seemingly overnight – prices of stock tend to fluctuate much more than the true worth of the companies they represent. This irrationality can materialize on the upside, lifting prices to a dangerously lofty heights. It can also appear on the downside, dragging prices for select stocks to bargain levels.

Value investors target the latter situation, purchasing out-of-favour stocks that are trading at a discount to their intrinsic values, and then holding these stocks until the market recognizes their true worth. By confidently approaching the short term vagaries of the market with rational, objective analysis, we aim to identify compelling investment opportunities and deliver solid long term results.

Margin of Safety is the difference between company's stock price and its intrinsic value. Value investors believe that the larger this margin, the safer the investment, by scooping up stocks trading at substantial discounts to their estimated intrinsic values we aim to build portfolios that can accommodate future uncertainty and demonstrate resilience in market downturns.

Some holdings will inevitably encounter the occasional stumbling block and a margin of safety provides protection if the going gets tough. When it comes to results value investors emphasize the accumulation of lasting wealth over the pursuit of potentially fleeting short term gains. Accordingly, we expect to realize significant profit as the market recognizes the true worth of our purchases and we also acknowledge that this process often takes time as a result we exercise patience and manage holding in long term perspective.

We use proven methods with charted analysis to invest based on facts rather than emotion. By removing yourself from some of the stress of daily portfolio management you are free to do what you do best and allow us to what we do best.

At MONEYBEE, our Financial Bees use their combined talent and experience to build up your portfolio and bring out the best in it. Each portfolio created by us reflects the values on which MONEYBEE has been built; a commitment towards transparency and service backed by a strong research driven investment process. Join in the journey of exploring the potential in your portfolio, with the bees of MONEYBEE.

Join in the journey of exploring the potential in your portfolio, with the bees of MONEYBEE. Click Here